Suffering from headaches, jaw pain, or general head and neck pain? Seek Relief!

Ask about our TMJ treatment services right away in Laurel, MT

Do you have pain on one or both sides of your jaw? Headaches? Generalized head and neck pain? Pain radiating to your teeth, ears, neck, or head? Have you tried many treatments without pain relief? Stokke Family Dentistry PLLC can help. We provide temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD) and orofacial pain treatment services in Laurel, MT.

You can come to us when you:

Feel pain in your TMJ, ears, face, head or neck, or have headaches
Feel tension or myofascial pain in the head and neck
Have painful clicking or popping of your jaw joint
Have difficulty fully opening or closing your mouth

We'll complete a head and neck exam to determine the cause of your pain and create a customized treatment plan to relieve your pain. The plan may include stretching, spray and stretch, oral appliances, trigger point, and/or botox injections. Call 406-628-8211 now to arrange a TMJ treatment consultation to see how we can help you!

What should you discuss with your dentist?

Sharing information regarding the history and previous treatments for your head, neck, and/or jaw pain will help us get to the bottom of the issue quickly. Let us know if there are any triggers or treatments that improve the pain. It is also helpful to have a current dental exam and xrays to verify the cause of the pain is not coming from your teeth. This can help us provide more effective facial pain treatment.

TMJ/Facial Pain in Laurel, MT