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Conebeam CAT Scan

We offer the latest technology by using a Cone Beam CAT Scan (CBCT). This scan allows us to view your jaw three dimensionally to visualize pathology, quantity and quality of bone for implant placement, and to evaluate cracked teeth. Unlike the medical grade CAT scan a cone beam CAT scan is specifically designed for dentistry and has much less radiation in the scan.

Oral Sedation

Our office offers oral sedation and/or nitrous oxide for your comfort.

Periodontal Care

Our team can help give you the tools to prevent periodontal (gum) disease with regular checkups, cleanings, and good home care. If you already have periodontal (gum) disease, we also provide different levels of periodontal therapy including scaling and root planing (deep cleanings) and additional therapies.


Sealants are a thin, hard plastic coating applied to the pits and grooves of the tooth. They help seal out bacteria, sugar, and acid.
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